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About Birchwood Palace

Birchwood Palace Industries, L.L.C. is a publisher of artists books, zines and other small-run printed novelties. It is a project of Andy Sturdevant, and is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The original Birchwood Palace, the namesake of this organization, was a three-story house located near the municipal reservoir in the Crescent Hill neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky.

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Birchwood Palace is always happy to receive proposals for new titles. Contact us using our contact form. Our interests include archives, reference materials, travel guides, reissues of works in the public domain, catalogs, pictorial works, book-length photo essays, manifestos, atlases, art books, cookbooks, instructional guides, treasuries of games and activities, works of political geography, walking and cycling guides, reissued mid- and late-20th century works by living or deceased writers and artists, works by Latin American writers and artists in translation and Spanish-language texts.

ABOVE: The shipping and receiving department at Birchwood Palace Industries' world headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.